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  • Digital images

Digital images (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Digital images
Used for/see from:
  • Digitized images
  • Images, Digital
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Work cat.: Braudaway, G.W. Recovering invisible image watermarks from images distorted by the StirMark algorithm, 1999: p. 1 (With the development of means of production and circulation of digital images, and the means of imbedding robust invisible watermarks into them ostensibly to convey image ownership, there is now financial incentive to attack an imbedded watermark and render it undetectable)

Wikipedia, via WWW, Apr. 7, 2006: (A digital image is a representation of a two-dimensional image as a finite set of digital values, called picture elements or pixels; Digital images can be created by a variety of input devices and techniques; Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images)

IEEE 100, 2000 (digital image -- An image that has been converted into an array of pixels, each of which has an associated value called its gray scale; Synonym: digitized image)

Dictionary of computing, 1996: (digital image -- An image consisting of data (specifically a set of elements) defined on an n-dimensional regular grid that has the potential for display. These elements are referred to as pixels)

Image QR glossary, via WWW, Apr. 7, 2006 (Digital image -- An image composed of bits and bytes)

Computer dictionary online, via WWW, Apr. 7, 2006; FOLDOC, via WWW, Apr. 7, 2006; Webopedia, via WWW, Apr. 7, 2006

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