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Born to command - not to take orders! :

Simpson, John,

Born to command - not to take orders! : the Brooks family of Balbinia station : pioneers of Israelite Bay Western Australia / by John Simpson. - xi, 135 pages : illustrations, portraits, maps, plans ; 30 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (page 106-129) and indexes.

pages 23- John Brooks' journey to Eucla; accompanied by "Jackie" a local Aboriginal man who helped to find water sources; signs of inland Aboriginal people called "Badooks" by the Mirning; Aboriginal people direct the travellers to water; party returns from Eucla accompanied by another Aboriginal boy "Chinaman"; page 61 : Heinrich Dimer working as a shepherd for John Brooks; cooperates with local Aboriginal people in hunting kangaroos and sharing proceeds; Aboriginal people working as shepherds -- Chapter 14 : Insights into Aboriginal ife : Aboriginal shepherds; imprisonment at Rottnest Island of Aboriginal people caught for theft of livestock; Aboriginal knowledge of botany; methods of obtaining water; initiation rites, nose piercing; account of the murder of an Aboriginal woman named Jessie on Balbina station by Aboriginal man Neru or Noru.


Brooks family.
Brooks, John Paul, 1849-1930.
Brooks, Sarah Theresa, 1850-1928.
Brooks family.
Dimer family.
Brooks, John Paul, 1849-1930.
Brooks, Sarah Theresa, 1850-1928.

Pioneers--Western Australia--Biography.
Aboriginal Australians--Social life and customs.--Western Australia--Israelite Bay region
Settlement and contacts - Settlers.
Settlement and contacts - Explorers.
Economic sectors - Agriculture and horticulture - Pastoral industry - Sheep and wool.
Occupations - Pastoral industry workers.
Animals - Livestock - Stealing and killing.
Indigenous knowledge - Botany.
Costume and clothing - Nose pegs and piercing.
Mirning people (A9) (WA SH52-14)
Ngatjumaya / Ngatjumay / Ngatju people (A3) (WA SI51-03)

Western Australia--History.
Balbinia / Balbinya (SE WA SI51-07)
Israelite Bay (SE WA SI51-07)


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